American Radass


Well hey this is my best friend Valerie Anne Brown. We were meant to be best friends. We first met in girl scouts, she was the girl who cried because she didn’t know any of us so her mom pulled her out of the class(haha). We became friends in kindergarten and then I moved in 1st grade so we were separated and didn’t keep in touch. We saw each other again in 2nd grade at a family party. We didn’t know we were related in anyway but her uncle married my aunt. We hung out the entire party making fun of our cousins and riding a mini Thomas the train set.

After that I didn’t see her again. My father and mother got separated and so did hers so we both didn’t associate with that side of the family. I moved again. In 7th grade I was a strange girl who had friends but I was known as that dumb emo girl who wore black and listened to My Chemical Romance and Panic! At the Disco. It was the middle of the year and a new girl who was wearing an Angels in Airwaves shirt came into my history class and sat next to me. It was Valerie. I thought she looked oddly familiar so I asked if she was my cousins, cousin. She laughed and we instantly became best friends again. 8th grade Valerie switched schools but still lived in the same town as me. We would randomly see each other but we weren’t really best friends. At the end of 8th grade we started hanging out again, doing our thing that we’ve done since day one…talking about music, making fun of people, and laughing at this one girl who we pretended to be friends with. I convinced her to go to the same trade school as me.

That summer before high school was the best summer with her. We are the same person. We hate people, life, and have had a terrible upbringing together. Every since that we have been best friend and have never left each others side. I will love her forever. Without her I wouldn’t had made it this far. She saved my life on many occasions and has been there for me during everything. I love with her and she is like my sister. Fuck with her, you fuck with me.